General Manager - Carter Creek Winery Resort & Spa Johnson City, TX, 78636, Carter Creek Winery Resort & Spa

General Manager - Carter Creek Winery Resort & Spa

Full Time • Johnson City, TX, 78636, Carter Creek Winery Resort & Spa

Our Story,

Jim and Dawn Carter have made their dream come true for this beautiful Hill Country resort. In this link below you will find how Carter Creek Winery came to be. If you want to join this family and find your place working for a company that came from a very passionate family you may even land your dream job at our beautiful property. We are looking for a passionate and driven General Manager that can help run this resort and stay with us for many years to come.



This position will be responsible for leading and hiring a team in the hotel’s effort to deliver exceptional customer service. Focusing on hotel profitability through revenue generation, cost control and guest satisfaction. The General Manager will be responsible for the overall success of the hotel.

  • Controls the sales and profitability of the resorts
  • Establishes and monitors standards for hotel including but not limited to personnel administration and performance, service to guests, advertising, and publicity.
  • Prepare a comprehensive annual operating profit plan, for all departments within the resorts.
  • Prepare a detailed annual capital expenditure plan.
  • Establish the source of business available to the Resorts and establish priority and sales opportunities in the development of that business.
  • Ensures that all guest service programs are in place and being implemented throughout the property.
  • Establishes and maintains effective revenue management techniques to maximize hotel revenues; reviews and analyzes financial statements.
  • Develops, implements, and monitors hotel budgets; assists with planning budgets for all departments; oversees all accounting functions.
  • Monitors overall condition of all guest rooms, public areas, and outside grounds; ensures that deficiencies are rectified.
  • Maintains visibility and accessibility to guests, staff, and vendors; maintains effective communication with all department managers to ensure all areas of hotel are performing at established standards.
  • Ensures that guests’ needs are fulfilled and their stay is as pleasurable as possible; responds to guest feedback, including complaints/problems.
  • Possesses and maintains thorough knowledge of hotel services, facilities, and policies and area’s attractions.
  • Possesses and maintains though understanding of industry and stays abreast of industry trends; communicates/incorporates information to assure all departments remain current.
  • Assist in any department of resort as needed in addressing complaints and resolving problems.
  • Provides day-to-day guidance and oversight of subordinates; actively works to promote and recognize performance.
  • Keeps up to date on overall activities of the team, identifying problem areas and taking corrective actions.
  • Provide leadership for all hotel personnel, directly for key managers and indirectly for supervisor and approximate non-management personnel.
  • Represents both Resorts in civic, business, industry and local government is such manner to enhance the reputation of the properties and to gain recognition for their competency and contribution.
  • Develop clearly defined annual objectives for both resorts that reflect significant improvement throughout the operation, which represent a high level of fiscal integrity, and which are supportive of the overall mission.
  • Monitor performance and improvement on an on-going basis so as to determine the effectiveness of implementation strategies. Function as a facilitator of ideas and actions plans and as a leader and coach of individual performance. Provide a pro-active rather than a re-active perspective to the ongoing operation of both Resorts.
  • Accept responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the guests and the employees.
  • Accountable for all personnel actions, assets and personal property and the end result of their use.
  • Develop with each key manager clearly defined divisional objectives which focus on significant improvement and which are in harmony with and supportive of the overall mission of the resorts.
  • Develop, in conjunction with the aid of all key management personnel, strategies and programs to ensure attainment of the hotel goals and objectives.
  • Develop objectives, as a supplement to the performance standards, for all key managers pertaining to their functional responsibilities that are supportive of the goals of both resorts.
  • Implement performance planning and review all management personnel, according to established performance standards and mutually agreed upon objectives, comparing results to budgeted plans and position objectives.
  • Develop within the limits of established policies and operating procedures the philosophy of decentralized decision managing with delegated authority to effect improvement.
  • Encourage participative management and group decisions to ensure interest and best possible results.
  • Strive to create a management environment which encouraged individual performance, encourages group dynamics and results in a definable synergy at a variety of levels throughout the operation.
  • Set forth clear administrative guidelines and ensure these are adhered to throughout all resort operations.
  • Schedule weekly, trimester, and annual meeting of the Executive Committee, Department Heads and staff to ensure dissemination of the basic company philosophies and policies throughout the Resorts.
  • Set forth minimum acceptable standards of quality, operation and service as a benchmark point for self -measurement.
  • Ensure that all departments have the necessary written procedures to ensure efficiency of operation and development of operational and technical skills.
  • Supervise all key management personnel in carrying out their operating responsibilities and tasks, coordinating efforts and establishing priorities, as necessary.
  • Establish and constantly reinforce the commitment of highest standards of quality, service and the overall integrity of the guest experience.
  • Create and maintain a focus on defining results in ways that are both objective and measurable

Requirements include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bachelor Degree and 3 years related experience
  • Progressive experience in a hotel or related field
  • Must be strong leader and self-motivator
  • Experience in MS office, Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Solid working knowledge of the hospitality and business management fields
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical and written and verbal communication skills

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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Pride in everything we do.
Owners of our actions and decisions.
Leaders in our industry and our communities.
Act with integrity by being honest, trustworthy and doing the right thing.
Commit to common goals based on open and honest communication.
Deliver excellence to our guests, our communities and to each other.